xxxchurch-a-sincere-thank-you-to-everyoneI know this is a blog post but if I could turn it into a handwritten note I would. I want to thank you.

Whether or not you took this year’s opportunity to join My Pilgrimage, if you’re still bearing with me after going through the last month and a half with us gearing up for this experience – you certainly deserve some thanks.

This has been an exciting time for myself and for our team. The months ahead will be exciting for so many people on their journey to freedom from to pornography that has kept them in the trenches of pain and darkness for so long.

Now that this week is over, I’m going to give us both a break for a little while.

I need to shift focus from releasing My Pilgrimage to getting out on the road with the people who have begun the journey with us.

So, thanks. I appreciate you being a part of this story with us, in one way or another.

If you missed your chance, it will come around again next year and we’ll be glad to have you.

Of course, we’ve always got a ton of resources here at XXXchurch for you to use and benefit from and even though the chance to join My Pilgrimage is over for the time being, we are here like we’ve always been to help you like we always have.

Until we talk again,


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