Levi Macallister

Levi Macallister is a spoken-word and performance artist, published writer, speaker, and storyteller. He has toured the country and performed / spoken internationally for upwards of five years as Levi The Poet – laboring to bare all before others, modeling transparency through his heavily testimonial approach to writing and performance. Part of what fueled that passion was a desire to serve those enslaved to pornography – an addiction he knew as well as the despair it fueled, but one that Jesus has since redeemed and replaced with a zeal for purity, hope, and the gospel. Levi is a graduate student at The Resurgence Training Center – an intensive, cohort-based program designed to train leaders practically and theologically. He is available to speak at churches, colleges, schools, festivals, and youth events. He lives with his wife, Brandi, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Levi is available to lead X3Youth Events as well as perform as a guest artist for Porn & Pancakes Men’s Breakfast or the Porn & Poetry event.

Check out some of Levi’s spoken poetry: Pretty In Pornography, Kaleidoscope, Resentment