Nick Vitellaro

Nick Vitellaro is a spoken word poet and speaker from Seattle, Washington. His deep passion to share and express the Gospel through his poetry is contagious. Nick loves to spend time with and speak to students as well as listen to what they desire to achieve inside and outside of ministry. Through his art, he tells his story with honesty, vulnerability, and boldness. Nick is a young writer who hopes to change the world by empowering others to also change the world. By the grace of God, Nick’s life has been completely transformed and renewed by the reality of the Gospel. After being king of his own life for 16 years, he allowed God to rule his life. Through struggling with porn, identity, and pride, Nick’s desire is to bring the message of God’s redemption to those who are stuck in the same struggles. Nick loves coffee, sports, and most of all, people.

Nick is available to lead X3Youth Events as well as perform as a guest artist for Porn & Pancakes Men’s Breakfast or the Porn Kills event.

Check out a sample of Nick’s spoken Word poetry: Sincerely Freedom, and The Lost Sheep.