It happens and frankly it sucks. The mess up. You are strong for days or months or weeks and then bang something happens and then the mess up happens. Then there is the aftermath.

Freedom is not a destination. Freedom is a process. Being free is not about what you have done but it about the here and now. It is about what you are doing. God is in the fight for this freedom today.

Here is some stuff to sort through in the aftermath of the mess up…

1. Pray
Take time to pray, really pray though. Go to some place alone and spill your guts out to God. Confess. Get out of the place in which you struggle (bedroom, dorm room, wherever) Just move to a new space where you can breath.

2. Pick yourself up.
Move on. You can’t dwell. You can’t stay in the same place you are at. You have to make a decision in the midst of this tension to move forward. Check out this older post about how David messed up pretty hardcore…

3. Partner
You can’t do this alone. Get with your accountability. Talk through your struggle.

4. Plan
Look at how and why you screwed up. Make a plan. Write it out. Sit down with your accountability and talk through how you will stick to this plan.

5. Perspective
It is not the end of this world. One more time. It is not the end of this world. You are blessed. You are loved. You are valued. You are worth more then than your mess ups. God is a God of second chances and thirds and forths  and fifths…

And at least you didn’t play in this band…they get a second chance too…my favorite part of the video is the ZAP!