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    You are not alone

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My name is Craig Gross and I started this website in 2002. Yes, that’s right: 12 years ago. Some of you weren’t born yet and the rest of you were on AOL. Anyway, watch this video to find out what this website and some of our resources are all about.

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Everyone Needs an Online Strategy

Every day you make choices to develop your physical, social, and professional health. Why leave your online health to chance? X3watch makes it easier to enjoy the good stuff without worrying about the rest.

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Our online workshops are designed to help you get control of your life and put you on the path to happiness
Mens, Womens, Couples, and Parents Workshops available. There is a program for everyone.

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Real. Honest. Life Giving.

Our online small groups cater to men and women and offer the type of supportive community you have been seeking. These small groups are accessible through any Internet-capable device, meet weekly, and are offered at a variety of times. X3groups are anonymous, completely secure and adhere to a strict covenant of trust. These groups offer individuals the needed benefits of peer support and accountability as they navigate their way to sexual freedom and wellness.

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