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Do you need direction?

Sometimes we need some personal direction to get the wheels of progress rolling. If you feel stuck, lost, or helpless when it comes to your recovery, book a chat with one of our team members who will take the time to hear your story and offer the best course of action to begin your journey back to health and healing.

All calls are 45 minutes conducted via Zoom. After your session you will be given a free month of Small Groups Online to help you get started on your new direction ($35 value).


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Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas

Carl is an ordained pastor, published author, certified Neuro Health Coach, founder of Live Free Ministries, and the CEO of He works primarily with men who struggle with unwanted sexual behavior.

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Melissa Ruff

Melissa Ruff

Melissa is the director of Live Free Wives, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Training and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She works exclusively with women and spouses impacted by sexual betrayal.

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What People Say

“Carl Thomas is an experienced coach and a caring friend who has helped me go to the next level in my journey of sobriety. When I began to take serious responsibility for my purity and my life, my conversation with Carl was exactly what I needed to help me fill in the gaps, get clear on next steps and be encouraged to persevere in fighting the good fight.” Frank R.
“My consultation with Carl was very helpful. Our conversation was candid and productive. He gave me useful advice about how not to pursue sobriety only, but freedom. I am thankful for his ministry.” Thomas G.
“Money well invested! I really felt that Carl was there to help me and I never felt like he wanted to sell me anything.” Gavin D.
“[My consult] was really terrific for me, and I appreciate all of your comments and insight very much. I had several “breakthrough” moments today.  Now I’m going to get to work.” William N.

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