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Our websites get 1,000’s of visitors every single day and all these people have something in common…

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During our office hours sessions we will be answering any questions you have on camera that you can submit using the form below.

We do this every week or as needed, and then we will post these recordings here each week, so you can view them and see what we have to say on the topics that you care most about.


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Is loneliness a cause of my unwanted sexual behavior?
Does porn cause delayed ejaculation?
Why don't you sell Jesus Loves Porn Stars t-shirts?
How can I help my son who is addicted to porn?
Should I abstain from sex to reset my brain?
Can I recover from porn induced premature ejaculation?
What are signs that you have recovered?
What resources do you have for my 16-year-old son?
How can I help my husband with his addiction?
What can I do when I feel lonely and unloved?
How can I rebuild trust with my wife?
Why is your site so against watching porn?
How can I talk to my wife about her sexual past?
What can I use to block porn on my phone and other devices?
How is XXXchurch different from SA and SSA?
Are sex dolls OK?
Is it normal to have intrusive sexual thoughts?
Why does the Bible call semen unclean?
What resources are there for women who struggle with masturbation?
My husband is watching incest porn – what does that mean?
How can I get sexual fulfillment if my wife and I aren't having sex?
Can I masturbate to pictures of my wife?
What can I do when I get strong urges to watch porn & masturbate?
How can I get past the shame of past sexual acts?
How can I stop my wet dreams?
What does my husband mean when he says he's sexually frustrated?
What does a sexually healthy person look like?
Can my brain recover if I'm into weird fetishes?
Is it OK for a woman to initiate and pursue in a relationship?
Can XXXchurch help someone addicted to visiting strip clubs?
I quit porn, but why can't I quit masturbating?
How often are you tempted to lust?
How can I develop intimacy with God to fight lust?
Can you help me with my son's sexual addiction and transgender feelings?
Did I truly repent if I keep looking at porn?
What can I do if Christians don't understand when I share my problems?
Do you know of affordable treatment centers for sex addiction?
How do I help my daughter who was addicted to porn?
Do you have any tips for journaling?
How do you stop your addiction when you've tried to get other people involved?
How do I defeat the cravings to look up naked celebs?
Can I speak to a live person about my issues?
I struggle with porn use so does God love me and am I still saved?
What do you do when you aren’t sexually attracted to your wife?
How can I talk to people about the dangers of porn, so they’ll listen?
What can I do when marriage counseling is not improving my/our sex life?
Will the temptation to lust ever go away?
Can you help me quit my masturbation habit?
Is XXXchurch still connected to Craig Gross?
Do you offer accountability & blocking software?
Can I do sex industry outreach if I'm a former addict?
What can I do if I get triggered when watching TV and movies?
Can you help my porn addiction if I'm gay?
Where can I find help for my son's porn addiction?
Where can I find some free accountability groups to join?
How can I steward my natural sex drive as a single man who wants to remain abstinent?
How can I stop masturbating and looking at porn when I was sexually abused as a child?
How do women struggle with porn as compared to men?
How can I get a sponsor?
My son was exposed to porn at a young age; how do I help him return to purity?
Should I worry about journaling or sobriety?
I just caught my son sexting; what should I do?
s it ok to have fantasies about my wife with another man?
Do vibrators serve the same purpose as porn does for men?
Will my past porn addiction impact me and my wife once we are married?
Is oral sex and anal sex sinful between husband and wife in marriage if there is mutual consent?
Should married couples talk about what they want to do with each other in regard to sex and foreplay?

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