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We Are a Voice for Change, a Source for Help,
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A New Mission


XXXchurch was one of the first organizations that took on the problem of pornography head on, even when others chose to ignore it. Unfortunately, over twenty years later, although many others have joined this effort, online pornography use and addiction continue to rise. 

It seems like there’s something we’ve overlooked.

Blaming the porn industry for our problems or relying on legislation to protect us doesn’t work. Programs and approaches that focus on behavior modification are hopelessly ineffective. And avoiding the conversation altogether like the church often does, only drives shame and isolation, making the situation even worse.

It’s time for a change.

We need to broaden our perspective and understanding.

We must recognize that we’ve focused our efforts on the wrong thing.

Because if we want to make real progress in the area of recovery, we must acknowledge that mental health is a vital part of the conversation when it comes to sexual addiction.

The sooner we grasp this fundamental truth, the sooner we see things improve.

And until then, XXXchurch will be that voice of change, providing places and resources to help people find the healing and hope they require.


Who We Are


XXXchurch is a project of Live Free Ministries, a 501C3 nonprofit started by Carl Thomas.

Carl knows what it’s like to feel trapped by pornography, unwanted sexual behavior, and crushing shame. He’s a former porn addict who’s been helping others find freedom for over 12 years.

In 2019 he catapulted Live Free Ministries and created the Live Free Community App to provide a safe and supportive community for men who hunger for real freedom. He also launched Live Free Wives, a free support community for spouses.

Carl is an ordained pastor, published author, certified Neuro Health Coach, and the CEO of XXXchurch.com.

Carl’s passion for helping individuals find freedom, peace, and purpose is only matched only by his New Jersey directness, love for family, devotion to Philadelphia sports teams, and infatuation with his white Jeep Wrangler.

Connect with Carl on LinkedIn.


Our Approach


We are tired of leaders tackling difficult topics with kid gloves or offering cliché solutions to complicated questions.

  • Locking down your devices isn’t the answer.
  • Just reading your Bible and praying more isn’t enough.
  • Accountability without connection will always come up short.
  • Books, courses and coaching can only do so much.

We’ve seen enough of this approach to sexual addiction and it ain’t working. 

No, we need to stop focusing on the micro issue and start addressing the macro issue because people need connection and care more than programs and software if they want to experience real change and lasting freedom.

This is why our mission is to both be a leading voice of change and a source for help. In your face, yes… but with the ammunition to back up our cause.

In a nutshell…

We will call it like we see it.
Say what needs to be said.
We don’t aim to offend, but if it happens, so be it.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.


What We Do

XXXchurch.com realizes that porn and sex addiction are serious issues and people need genuine support and practical guidance rather than empty platitudes. We use the web, social media and news to tell a story often left untold. 

We are here to…


It may not be popular or convenient, but we are here to talk about the realities of sexual addiction, porn use, and the cloud of shame unnecessarily created around these topics.


We are creating a place for anyone and everyone to find  connection, healing and freedom. A safe community that stands ready to help where all conversations are welcome and nothing is off the table.


We’re committed to helping people find the support and instruction they need for their sexual addiction. We work hard to plug people into the communities and resources required for mental wellness and true life transformation.

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