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The question has been asked a thousand times, and it might even be rolling around in your own mind as you read this.

“Am I addicted to masturbation?”

And then there’s the follow-up question: is there a masturbation addiction test?

The answer? Yes, there is.

Well, actually there is a sex addiction test but it will tell you the same thing.

We have a masturbation addiction test available to you through XXXchurch.com. Take our “Am I Addicted to Masturbation Test” for absolutely free, right here on this page. This masturbation addiction test costs nothing but your email address and a little time, and it gives so much in return.

You can know for sure whether your masturbation is just a habit or a full-blown addiction; all you have to do is sign up for and then take our “Am I Addicted to Masturbation Test.” Once you have your results, then you’ll have answers to more than just the question “Am I addicted to masturbation”. Test results will also point you toward meaningful change that you can enact in your life to bring about lasting freedom.

Once you have your results from our “Am I Addicted to Masturbation Test,” you can start implementing practical advice and a host of our resources to begin to address your desires and compulsions. You can achieve true, lasting freedom.

Your desire to masturbate does not have to define you. Take this “Am I Addicted to Masturbation Test” and start moving forward toward the you that you want to be.

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