talking about sex-blogpostLet me be completely honest with you: we started Best Sex Life Now because we want marriages to be strong. One way to get an idea of the strength of your marriage is to head to the bedroom. (Tweet This!) I am convinced couples that are having sex are in a better place in their marriage than those who aren’t.

It is challenging to stay connected, to pursue one another, and to selflessly serve one another both in and out of the bedroom. Jeanette and I have been married for 16 years. We both had different expectations about sex coming into our marriage and have worked relentlessly in this area of our relationship to be where we are today.

I deal with people every day who are running to pornography, old flames on Facebook, cute and available coworkers, and any number of other things instead of running towards their spouse.

This series will change your marriage. We have 10 videos that are 10-18 minutes long, as well as a few questions we ask you to talk about after watching each video.

We just started offering the workshop a little while ago, and since it’s all online, we know the exact stats. So far: 

750 couples have currently purchased the workshop.
Of those couples, 
402 have STARTED the video series.
268 people HAVE NOT started.
80 have finished it completely.

I know this stuff is complicated, and it isn’t intended to be binge-watched like your favorite Netflix TV series. I know this stuff we talk about brings up issues that will take some time to work through, and I know all of us are busy. So I get why these numbers fall like this. 

I do know this, though: you need to make your marriage a priority over all the other things that are pulling at you. (Tweet This!) You need to find time to actually start AND FINISH this series.

If it doesn’t take your marriage to a whole new level, I will refund all your money, no questions asked. I didn’t create this series for you to just watch a video and then move on; I want you to go through the whole series with your spouse! 

Seem a little challenging? I know. So we’re going to help you.

We’re going to go through this with you.

Beginning April 12th, for 10 weeks every Sunday night at 7pm PDT or 10EST, you are invited to join me, my wife, and Dave and Ashley Willis to go through the series online together. 

If you have purchased the course or you purchase it by April 12th , you can attend. Here is how it should work and what you are signing up for:

1. Purchased the Best Sex Life Now Course at

2. Committed to watch 1 video a week for 10 consecutive weeks

3. Watch video prior to Sunday April 12th at 7pm PDT every week.

4. Then register here to get all the details.

Our hope is that this will motivate you and your spouse to start something and finish it. Together. We believe this will keep you on track, and encourage you to make a difference in your marriage.

If you are in, purchase the course and then sign up here for the free 10 week Sunday night group .

See you on Sundays. 

Get Started Today!