Black Friday has become an annual tradition of big stores trying to seduce money-wielding crowds and bargain-hunters with the lure of good deals.

Here at XXXchurch, we think it’s time to step to the side of the chaos. So we decided just to give away a ton of our best products.

That’s right:

No lines.
No fliers.
No coupons or price-matching.

Just free stuff!

So what do you get? Check it out:

Our Porn Kills workshop. A recorded live event with Craig Gross, Levi the Poet, and Jefferson Bethke, intertwined with behind the scenes footage.

FOUR great books. You get instant downloads of these titles

  • Open, an in-depth look at the power of accountability.
  • Touchy Subjects, how to talk to your kids about sex, tech, and social media.
  • Eyes of Integrity, an eye-opening look at the reach of porn in the modern age.
  • The Gutter, inspiration to live and dwell among those who need you the most.

SIX life-impacting webinars. Receive immediate access to the archived versions of six of our amazing webinars. Featuring a variety of experts on a host of topics like parenting, marriage, and porn, these webinars will give you insight on facing the challenges of everyday living.

That’s 1 workshop, 4 books, and 6 webinars, all for ZERO DOLLARS.

Give your loved ones a better you this Christmas.

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