Dear Sirs:
I think that what you’ve done & continue to do is an abomination of the Holy Bible & worse yet, of the word of GOD!!!!!!
I for one DO NOT like to view pornography in ANY,SHAPE, OR FORM!!!!!! I believe it’s very degrading to women, only a weak mind would even consider looking at that trash.
I shall pray for you to see the light of GOD’S word, and turn from your wicked ways.
You call yourselves priests, or pastors, or men of the clergy,as GOD is my witness, I say you’re are none of these!!!!!!! Even a small boy,knows that pornography is wrong;he may not know what pornography is, but, he knows that looking at naked women is wrong!!!!!!DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!!
I shall inform every single Christian source that I can reach and send them a copy of this letter & tell them of all the EVIL,NASTY things you are trying to do!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
The fact that you have this EVIL domain out there, and call it a “church ” makes me sooo sick I almost want to puke!!!! May GOD have mercy on you EVILDOERS!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if you guys have ever had any intimate contact with anybody in your life, including your own mother, much less a non-related member of the opposite sex. I know, you must be some kind of Mormon-like zealots who look to abolish all forms of pleasure and happiness and live in a totalitarian world of despair and hatred, much like Hitler’s Nazi Germany, only a lot more perverted since you are actually aware that you would be creating this world.

Pornography is not a sin, pornography is not a bad thing. If it weren’t for pornography, a lot more lunatics would be out on the streets raping little children, lunatics like Michael Jackson.
Aleksandr Bennetian, Fourth Cardinal of North Yemenese Christian Resistance District