Someone at my church told me about this site and so I thought I would check it out for myself. I was quite honestly shocked at the smalls bits I looked at on your website.  ‘Jesus loves porn stars’. I do agree with you; because he loves us all.  But have you not heard of blasphemy? Also do you not think that t’shirts this are going to encourage people to get in to porn even more?  I think its quite disgusting; all you are doing is taking the mick.  It’s fair enough to have a laugh here and end there but this whole website is a total joke! Why not read the gospel and take that into account?  Tell people that Jesus loves them all; but also tell them what is wrong and how Jesus can help them.  I just don’t understand how this website is going to help people with their porn addictions.  Get your facts right; and speak the TRUTH rather than your own ideas; because they seem pretty petty.

– Anita Wickens