Sorry this is not an email that heaps praise upon your website and as a Christian I am the first to encourage and praise where sincerity of purpose comes across in more than just words.

First, you employ a psychological trick in your “bunny rabbit” and try to make people feel safe. Christians do not confess their sins to a bunny rabbit they confess their sins in front of a witness, before God – the creator of the universe. God’s requirements are uncompromising.

Second of all you say that other Christian websites are crap and boring. I have found them to be anything but other, but by making this claim you are attempting to tell the reader that yours is the only website worth reading.

Third – you say you are anti-porn but you do not say WHY you are anti-porn.

The website is badly designed, not only slow loading but slow SCROLLING and it is very hard to understand except for a few messages that leap out at you, mainly adverts for “books that you have to pay for but similar information can be obtained freely elsewhere”.

I suspect that you are largely aimed at young people who don’t know any better than to be influenced by a “cool” look and controversial messages. Saying, “Jesus loves porn stars” can lead ignorant people down the wrong path. Jesus loves the sinner but hates the SIN, he loves people he does not love “porn stars” because porn is about “image” a “porn star” is an image made by men and leading people to commit adultery in their hearts.

Frankly I think you’re website at worst can be construed as a cynical attempt to obtain information about people’s web surfing habits (as if an Omniscient and Omnipresent God needs YOU to get that information). I have had experience with Christians who have had difficulties with pornography, and your site to me is a cheap confidence trick. Sure, whatever I say you will keep going but I regard the site as a red herring in the race and I will never consider it to be a resource valuable to Christians, or non-believers who are suffering enormous personal anguish and heartache. You proudly boast that you have been published in penthouse – if you were a true threat to Satan you would certainly not be permitted to evangelize in that publication. Have you not read the scriptures – “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand”?. If I were Satan I would laugh with glee. You are also forgetting that Satan has more in his arsenal than pornography and that there are TEN commandments that can be broken.

I hope that you are sincere in your mistake and not cynically exploiting other’s weakness. Nothing personal chums but, erm, good luck.