Dear sir,

First of all, do you really call yourself an authentic christian? You’ve got to be out of your mind. Show me ONE place in the scriptures where GOD uses hip or fun tactics to relate to an issue as serious as this. Young man, this is not a game to GOD and YOU ALL better wake up and see that before He shows you how foolish you immoral people are. What is wrong with you people!!!!!???

Do you think you are cool? cute? funny? what!!!??? have you even READ any true scripture? your so called “wisdom” is no wisdom at all, and GOD does not need tactics to reach people who sin, He has power, his Holy Spirit. Not jokes and blasphemy. You say mockingly and disrespectfully..”I am sure these are nice people who are a little confused At what we are trying to do”..

We are NOT CONFUSED,YOU PEOPLE ARE SERIOUSLY DISTORTED. Don’t try to play that off as self righteousness, it stinks!!! You people are using sick methods to say that you are doing good. You are wrong mister! I will seriously pray for you people(whom I am guessing are at least by age, adults, I hope)

Very immature, loose standard men and women who think you are smug and helping people. well, you are not! you better stop this nonsense and ask forgiveness for your souls as I DO SO VERY OFTEN AND NEVER ENOUGH!