I have to shake my head and utter GOD HELP THESE BLIND PEOPLE!!!

First of all to have the 3 xxx’s in front of the word church is an instant warning ” ‘RED FLAG”‘ to a “REAL SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIAN BELIEVER”…

SECOND OF ALL; IT’S SAD AND A SHAME THAT THERE ARE SO MANY ON THIS SITE HURTING AND BOUND “including you two guys”… no offence. Satan comes in the form of light and is a pro at deception. He can fool the very elect the bible tells us. We are not supposed to sugar coat sin. We are not supposing to band-aid it! We are to repent and put the flesh under subjection to Gods’ Word and Spirit…

We are to draw close to God and resist the devil and he shall flee…but Satan can’t cast out Satan!!!! The blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch. I am amazed most of these “Christians” say they also masturbate and porn. Etc.and they are praying for the next bound person…Satan must laugh!!!

You guys may mean well but I assure you according to the SCRIPTURES…that is not how deliverance is done! Your program may be ok. For the world (if they choose not to get delivered,) but certainly not for people who want total deliverance! They are dealing with spirits of bondage! A perverse spirit and a whoredom spirit. Which spawns other foul spirits. They need rebuked and cast out. If you had JESUS in front of your church instead of 3 xxxx’x you might see the revelation and truth of this vicious cycle. In humanity. These sins and many others umbrella under these two main roots if you will. You guys like what you’re doing cause you are in control over these desperate bound folks.yous advertise that trash even like the real porno sites do…you’re even proud to call yourselves goof-balls and yes you are right…a true Christian would have no part in this filth!!! You all need to run to an old fashioned Pentecostal church and get converted. The right way according to the Bible…in the name of JESUS CHRIST I touch and agree with other true believers for real salvation and deliverance for you and the rest, and I guarantee you those 3 xxx’s and that porn site will go, I rebuke the works of Satan behind all this right now. I come against this whoredom spirit and this perverse spirit in the name of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. I bind you Satan I curse the plans that you have to deceive these people…father God I ask bind in heaven this day true deliverance to all these people reveal your power of truth to them. Open their eyes and understanding to see they need truth…we will give you thank and the glory… for Biblical deliverance and salvation…in your almighty name today. Amen.

You guys should be ashamed…All you’re doing is for commercial purposes. I cannot believe you guys have the nerve to put out merchandise with XXXchurch logo on it. Just think of people you are affecting, not only the teens but also younger children. Questions you can’t ask your mama? Are you that desperate to rake in money such way? If you guys are really pastors, I’m sure you started out of good intentions, but this is not the way. I appreciate your effort but you still have long ways to go. These sexual innuendoes and jokes you guys are making are not helping to the cause. As a fellow Christian please… you need to rethink what you’re doing. To me you come across as being very commercial and very immature. You do need to get your message across to young people, but making jokes about things that need to be seriously talked about is not how it should be. You can get your site up and running. Take off your stupid T-shirts and your jokes.