I use that term loosely. It is unconscionable that you would further degrade women by using such verb age in your ads for assisting men with their problems with pornography. I as a women am insulted beyond belief as to the purposeful hatred of females. It is such misogynistic ideas that further put women at risk. It is neither funny nor cute to to do so.
Pornography is a violent action against women and you are not helping by making light of of murdering women and girls for your pleasure.

Unfortunately you are under the delusion that you are not offending and promoting harmful ideas and actions against women and children. By your callous use of xxxchurch and porn and pancakes to address the most serious issue of women and children, you degrade them as much as the people who partake and participate in the pornography industry. Liken it to the Native Americans who despise their denigration by the use of mascots. Or perhaps African Americans who would be insulted by the “n-word” in ad for a conference on racism. By using Madison Ave. marketing techniques to attract people you have set women’s rights back a hundred years and harmed them immensely. Deal with the issue in a responsible manner and perhaps as a church you might just want to call it what it is a sin. Oh and by the way I read the web site months ago and still can’t believe a church would use such perverse tactics as this to “reach” people.

Your ads for the site given out to churches is revolting and degrading. Porn and pancakes come on if you can’t see it than you people are blind. Read Andrea Dworkin’s book on pornography and be enlightened.