I have followed your “XXX”church (a bit of an oxxymoron) and tried to read most of your blogs etc.  I have also seen and listened to your ministry via the electronic church.  While I do not question the motive of your hearts I do believe your methods are a “truth out of balance.”  Obviously scripture makes it clear that the result is an abomination.  Please realize we are all deceived at some point in our lives, myself included.  Why do we think we  have to dress Jesus in the world to reach the world.  We definitely do not have to use filth to deliver someone from filth.  Come one guys, a penis?  Porn Sucks?  (sucks) is a verb that denotes action.  Does this glory God? I am not sure if this is immaturity or just a careless disregard for the testimony of Christ.  Do we really think we can set evil before our eyes and not stimulate an evil result.  Or at best make mockery of the purity of Christ?  Jesus said: If I (Christ) be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.  What are you trusting in for your drawing card?  If we are to minister to others in bondage then we can do so without sending the infected into the intensive care units. Yes, God can deliver us but we must use wisdom regarding our environment. Are we so prideful as to believe we are above temptation?  Why not set up outside the porn shows?  If your ministry is of God he will bring the desired results without compromising your testimony.  I guess your can add me to your hate list (which I think Jesus would have earned first place my today’s standards) or your can believe the Lord will not be mocked and that he cares enough to use different messengers for correction and inspirations.  Remember “Grace” is the power to do “right” not an opportunity to do whatever feels right in our own eyes which leads to the same corruption today as in the book of Judges.

– Diana