It must be understood that the ministry of Gross and Foster is based upon nothing but a lie. They mean well but “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” There is no such thing as “Christian porn”. The term itself is deception. It is an oxymoron and a lie. A contradiction in terms meant only to deceive, bait and switch. Robin Hood gave the money to the poor but he was no less a thief. If a person pursuing porn went to their site looking for “Christian porn” they could conclude under God and man that Gross and Foster are liars. The fact that they are liars is established because there is no such thing as what they offer. Their ministry is based upon sin and a house that is built on sand will not stand. We are not to sin in order to do good. This is the equivalent of robbing Peter to pay Paul. This “ministry” that you are involved with or know about should be ignored and preached against.