Interesting? I’ve got an “intimacy killer” for ya!  I was married, for 18-yrs, to what turned out, to be a finger-pointing, gossipy, Christian woman.  I don’t really hate her today? But I CAN’T be in the same room with her, or she starts to drive me NUTS!!

Back to the particular “intimacy killer”?  It’s called Bulimia Nervosa!!  I didn’t even understand, until maybe a dozen years into the marriage? My wife was a “sweet Christian” FREAK!!  Finally got the picture? When she started eating EVERYTHING in the house.. And puking it back up again!?  Intimacy? OUT of the question!!  There was something WRONG in the woman’s head. And there STILL IS! (Praise Jesus?)

Now, I know, “Jesus” had nothing to do with it.  My now EX-wife, was SICK in the head!  And Church, NEVER made her any better!  Only found other (skinny) sick women, to agree with her.  Anorectic Christians! CRAZY women!

If you don’t know about Bulimia, and what it can do to a marriage?  It’s WORSE than alcoholism! Because it’s accepted, in the Church, and society.  Viewed as just a “petty nuisance”? It’s NOT!!

So I’ve been married 25-years to my SECOND wife. I’m happy!  Discovered something.. SEX isn’t a problem, when you get it regularly? Sex isn’t a problem, when it ISN’T a problem!  We BOTH like some porn! Then, what about Viagra?  Don’t see anything in your XXX-Church about Viagra? Cialis?  You know, those pills will kill ya?!  At least porn doesn’t have any physical side effects.

Let me explain? When most of us, like us, hit our mid to late 60s? Early 70s? Sex takes a back seat!  We worry about things, like Dementia! Diabetes! High blood pressure and cholesterol?  Doctor put me on another pill, for my blood pressure, and it’s making me SICK to my stomach?  I have rheumatoid arthritis, and it HURTS.

If we had more MONEY? Could have put the mother-in-law in a Nursing Home, closer to us, before she died?  What love REALLY is? Staying with your mate, until the BITTER end!  (When they put you in the hospital. Then try to take your house away!)  Where is the Christian morality nowadays? Everyone for themselves…

To say something honest about porn? It’s an incredible WASTE of TIME?  But so is (PC game) Bejeweled..  Difference is? When I die. (Looks like in the next decade?)  Already told my daughter to WIPE my hard drives! Don’t want to be embarrassed by all the porn? Not sure why?

So I stumbled on [your] site, by accident. Thought it might be interesting? But it seems NOT…