In response to “What I Don’t Understand About Fifty Shades of Grey”

Do you think Craig Gross would be ok to have a boxing match?  I’d like to put on some boxing gloves and go three rounds with that guy.  I’m thinking “knock out!!”  Do you think I am justified in my thinking?  I’m a bit upset, to be sure.  Hey, tell Craig he is no friend of believers.  And especially to men in recovery who are struggling to overcome an addiction to pornography.

 It’s so funny to read that stuff now, though, right?  He puts a little list of things we should do to keep our marriages strong!  Oh, but he forgot to mention that men shouldn’t take their wives to a porno.  Or to write up a “review” about it with a curse word that gives one the vision of a sex scene.  I wonder why he didn’t put that in there?  Gee, maybe he should go watch some regular porn movies, then write a review with some more curse words, and maybe more men can succumb to the temptation to watch the movie.  Man, sorry for being so sarcastic.  I’m just utterly floored by the lack of wisdom that Craig Gross seems to possess.  I have to say that I have been completely let down.  Oh, the guys in my “group” think it’s ok that he went to see a porn movie.  In fact, they said I shouldn’t “judge” Craig after I said it seems odd that he would do that.  Thankfully, the bible tells me to judge a righteous judgment.  Tell Craig that what he did is stupid, ok?