So do you truly think that a ‘just’ god would kill someone’s kitten for our deeds? Have you actually read the bible? If you are really christians, then you put your faith in Jesus, and claim that he is the savior. If you truly believe this, then you’ve got your ticket to heaven. If you’re a little more ‘hard-core’ (no pun intended), and feel that it is your mission to show people that their ways are wrong, it would make more sense to start with important things, like the 10 commandments, or perhaps the acceptance of Jesus as the savior. Just because you two haven’t gotten laid doesn’t mean it will never happen. S**t, from the way you all present yourselves, I’d think that you were gay. Have you ever considered that? Look deep into each others eyes, then deny that you feel closer to each other than anyone else. You all belong together. Do some ecstacy, that’ll take the pressure off.