No I do not need a phone call, answers in writing would be fine. Thank you for offering.
Just wondering what it takes to actually speak to one of you. I have called and written to no avail (#1.) I only want to know why it seems so important for you to mock the very saviour you claim to represent? (#2) You sell “Jesus junk” (and you call it that why?) (#3) You claim to be against sexual imagery yet created a 25 ft. phallus??? Why?
(#4) Christians write to you looking for answers to these types of questions and you simply post them on your web site under the category “hate mail” without ever addressing their questions. I see dozens of photos of the two of you with links to every story, press release and talk show you have been involved in, yet the only portrayal of Jesus in your efforts comes in the form of a “bobble head” or a T-shirt with the message “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. Jesus loves people, not professions. You may be getting your 15 minutes now, but is that worth giving up your eternity? You twist the message like Barnum and Bailey in an effort to do nothing but self promote. Have you ever heard of LOMMOY? It stands for Less Of Me More Of You. Perhaps if you could step out of the lime light for a moment you would reach a broader audience and feel like you deserve a title more Godly than “the 2 goofballs”. Jesus spent time with the likes of prostitutes to heal and show compassion. He did not do it looking for another great photo op to post on his web site

– Jay Porter