I am so appalled at your website. Especially the references you make to every other Christian web-site as -crap- because it contains -typical- crosses and Bibles in its contents. Wouldn’t you be better phrased to say -we aren’t really Christians, but we would love to talk to you about porn?- Truly, you sell a plastic statute of Jesus (which isn’t really typical on Christian websites); with a slogan that states how well behaved you will be on the computer with Jesus looking over your shoulder. Nice thought really, and I’m glad you have carefully thought of ways to prevent the average person from extracting porn from their computer. Of course, you have two ways to enter your website – one for the person who is an adult and has access to their computer in their own home and is allowed to visit websites at their own leisure. Bravo! However, even you, with your plastic figure of Jesus to guide your computer mind, have a deceitful way to promote sin in the workplace. You include convenient ways to work around an employers system of filtering to enable access to your website, even if it has been fire walled! Probably because the employer doesn’t want a lot of screwing around going on and certainly doesn’t want PORN set forward in the minds of the working. Now that is crazy promotional sin! Good job at defeating your own purpose. Which raises another question? What is your purpose? It surely isn’t to promote overall Christian behavior, like not talking about -boobs and stuff- with children, it seems quite the contrary. Nice teen link. – refereeing to teens as idiots, perverts, and the female body with high educational adjectives like -boobs.- You seem to exploit every aspect of pornography possible. You have even managed to find a way to demoralize women by referring to them as -sluts, whores or promiscuous.- Well, actually you were referring to the way they probably feel. And being two men, with one track minds, I’m sure you know exactly how a woman -feels.

As for your team effort with the porn industry as you stated: you aren’t trying to shut it down but rather work beside them? Excuse me? And this is glorifying God how? After all you promote your message on the -Howard Stern Show”, “The Man Show”, and MTV. I’m sure this is to help those who suffer. After all, there is nothing like sitting through a half an hour of pure smut, sexual exploitation, and vulgar speech in order to gain 30 seconds of commercial therapy, from our local porn loving Christians. And you say it is to reach the very people you are trying to help. By flashing a choked kitten across a screen – and adding a pun -Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten?- You should and obviously aren’t ashamed of yourself, but rest assured, this vocal God fearing, God loving person feels the shame for you.
Jennifer Stevenson

P.S. Read the book of Romans – no twisting, no turning, no changing, I know this is typical Christian wacko behavior, but preaching His word is just that. Preaching His word, not the words you have decided to adhere to.