First off, I have to get this off my chest! You guy’s are the biggest retards I have ever heard of. *round of applause*. Yes, show me a picture of slutty women to keep me away from porn! You freaks are what hell is intended for..the devil and his >”angels”<. Your add’s might be just the thing that pushes a boy over the edge to explore sex. I guess the old saying “sex sells” rings true to this. Yeah, sell your “Christian” t-shirts. Perverts. “Oh yes, that is exactly what I want, to catch someones eye as I walk by them at the mall with XXX on my shirt. So they can think (exactly what I think of you guy’s) “THAT PERVERTED GUY!” and then have there kids look the other way. You have the worst tactics I have ever seen. “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.” >Romans 14:21< Do you guy’s actualy read the Bible? No one could ever make such statments as “God kills a kitten everytime you mastrubate” and have a good, thriving relationship with Christ at the same time. Just because we are in the world, it doesent mean we need to wallow in the filth with them! Picture the “world” as a Ocean. And the church as a boat “in” the ocean. True we are in the world and need to tell the lost about the saving power of Jesus Christ, but should we poke holes in the boat to let the world in? And that is exactly what you are doing…Letting the world into the church! Sex is a wonderful thing, ordained by God to be between a husband and a wife. It does not need to be talked about flippantly anywhere by anyone. That is utterly absurd how you use porn to try to “sell” Christianity! We don’t have to be in the world and be of it at the same time. That is what the world uses, innuendo’s, suggestive talk “the dirty little secret”????! What do you want people to think? Are you trying to drag people’s mind through the gutter? I hope you see the error of your ways and find Jesus Christ, if not, God has a hot place in hell waiting for you.