Okay, I’m confused.

I went to your site because a Christian male friend of mine is struggling with sex addiction and porn usage, and I was hoping I could find some resources to help with that sort of thing. When I visited your store, I found “Jesus loves porn stars” Bibles and t-shirts. Personally, I can’t imagine any Christian wearing those t-shirts, at least not when they are trying to carry off a Christian image. The friends I have who would wear them would think they were sexy (people would joke and call them porn stars and maybe flirt with them) and funny, and they’d like being able to shock people by connecting Jesus’ name to porn. As a non- Christian, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I know if someone started pushing Bibles and tracts on me in one of those shirts, I’d just burst out laughing. I’m sure if Jesus is divine he does love porn stars and everyone else, but the design of the shirt just looked like something I’d buy in Hot Topic to make fun of Jesus, not something my sister, a devout Christian, would have in her closet.

The next thing I noticed was your videos. After the t-shirts, I thought you’d go to strip bars and whatnot and hand out your Bibles along with hugs, pats on the back, encouragement, maybe free food and friendship, but your videos show you waving signs and screaming at people about Hell. I seriously doubt the tiresome old Hell threat is going to work on anyone, particularly people in the porn industry and those who spend money on porn. Hell is a part of the Christian doctrine, but you’re dealing with non-believers here. Why not tell them who Jesus is, if you want them saved? Why not ask them why they are in the business in the first place instead of threatening them? Who is honestly going to seek you out for help after you’ve shouted at them that they are burning?


Anyway, I found your site basically worthless. It seems like you’re interested in shocking people and getting attention, and maybe a couple of people will be benefitted through your actions, but it doesn’t seem like you do much to tackle the problems at all. This is not hate mail, because I do not hate you or your website, I just don’t find you helpful. I hope you’ll take the comments into consideration.

Kaja C.