This has to be one of the lamest, most spinless, say nothing, mission statement and purpose for something I’ve ever read! “….and to decide where you stand on the issues of porn”. Gee, I thought your mission was to make a difference in the industry of porn and to turn people from [it] and toward God? Apparently, that is not the case. Apparently you’re just as content leading me to pictures of smut and vulgar sex acts so that I can come to some conclusions as to what I think of it. Well, perhaps I like it? Perhaps I want more of it? Is that enough for you? I mean, I “decided” didn’t I? Show me porn – teach me phrases and methods used in the industry – show me two people having anal to oral sex – let me see sex at its finest – flash before me website address that I can look up; in fact, even state one twice for me to clearly hear……and I’m to turn from it? Not if I follow your methodology.

If you are trying to reach those who are into porn you don’t need to show them more of it – your video is detestable! And your pompous, self-righteous attitude toward those who warn of the dangers shown on this video is far from “the hand of God”. Justify it how you will – explain it away as being “relevant, honest, fun, and designed for people just like you” – like me? Way to be all things to all people. Way to have no moral line, while touting a line of supposed morality. Do you see what this is? Do you see the irony of your very own video? Where is one thing on your website that would turn me to Christ, that would inspire to leave the porn industry, that would make me steer away from, not to, it?

The other day I was driving down the street and observed a man who was stone drunk. I felt sorry for him as he lay in his own puddle of vomit; it broke my heart to see this. God told me that I needed to do something to help him so I brought him up from the stench and slop in which he lay and I placed him in my car. I took him to my house and cleaned him up. After hours of sleep and recovery he came to, sober and regretful. I gave him a hot meal and some new clothes. I learned that drunkenness was a habit, an addiction in this man’s life. As a way to help him “decide” where he stood on the issue of drinking I showed him a video and gave him websites he could look at that showed others drinking and having a good old time. We laughed. We joked. We enjoyed the entertainment before us. I gave him a beer. God was telling me to help this man come to know Him. I did my best to avoid slinging mud and I shoved the envelope of honest and relevant – hip – information at him, being careful not to offend him by mentioning the One who could help him the most.

Mock Christians. Play the God card and justify your behavior as of the Spirit. Post more of your “worst” e-mails by believers who are providing counsel to you on the potential dangers of this video and your methods. Have fun with it. Enjoy it.

It’s too bad too – because speaking to youth groups, adults, and others who are or who may deal with pornography can be quite effective – but for the very smut you use to “draw them in”. I pray that God will remain Lord God in your life. I pray that He will use you and your team to have a positive impact in a dreadful addiction. But I also pray, in your efforts to help people “decide” where they stand on the issue of porn, that you don’t draw people in closer and deeper – or even as an introduction – to the very sin you claim is so wrong. You put it in front of my face! I would never allow anyone I know, not to mention my teenaged sons, to view your disgusting video. I was embarrassed by what “Christians” (and self-proclaimed, ordained ministers) would do to…..actually, to what? I’m still trying to figure this out.

I pray that God will work……… spite of you……… and your video and your XXX “seedy and…sacred” tactics.