I’ve sat and tried to think for about five minutes something to express the feeling your site gives me. It’s like a mixture of walking through a graveyard, watching a road traffic accident and eating a bag of sugar. To know that there are two human minds behind it scares me even more. There’s no point in expressing to you that manipulating people to do what you want through fear is the antithesis of love, because I know that your mind does not compute logic in the same way as mine. It’s hopeless. I’ll even avoid my gut instinct to express that something like this can only happen in America and America continues to scare me daily. Your site, your message is all so creepy you must have done untold damage to Christianity. I can’t imagine how many thousands have been even more repulsed by the notion of religion than they already were after viewing your site. The fact that you are so proud of your own self-promotion also seems to detract from the message and prove your true cocation. In short, you scare me. You scare a lot of people. I hope you’re proud of spreading fear.

Your site is idiotic. “Hey let’s try and convey our Christian propaganda to teenagers by being ‘cool’! Maybe then they’ll stop looking at porn. Pete the Porno Puppet’? Are you kidding me? It’s one thing to be against pornography for one reason or another, but to tell everyone to stop doing it is unreasonable. I personally don’t see anything morally wrong with pornography. How would you like it if I started preaching to your kids that pornography is a good thing? I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t appreciate it. Now what you need to understand is that there is no difference between these two. If you find a difference (other than “I’m right and you’re wrong”), let me know. Sincerely,
– Kyle