I saw these reprobates at a Wal-Mart in Massillon Ohio.
when confronted with the Word of God they crumbled,,
These Snakes have a SUV with “xxx church.com “and “no 1 internet Christian porn site” ,,painted all over it,,
the bible says abstain from the appearance of all evil….. So what do these evil men do?
They drag Jesus and the Holiness of Gods true church into the realm of smut.. They try and justify this
Wickedness by saying look at the web site “this is not what we are really about“,, ( so why make a lie up )
Or is their amusement trashing Jesus.. Its obvious the later…
These false Christians tell lies to people to trick them into looking at their web site,,,
scripture says all liars will have their place in the lake of fire and that the devil is the father of all lies..
I asked these workers of iniquity if they commit sin,, they answered Yes almost daily,,, the Word says
In ,1 john 3;8 he that commits sin is of the devil…. They have showed their true colors……
Proud as peacocks they bragged about committing sinning and claimed to be born again and saved.
they a sweet smelling savor in Gods nostrils? Driving around with XXX
church and no 1 porn Christian website on their SUV ? Or rather a
stench that smells and demeans the Holy sacrifice that Jesus suffered
on the cross,, these wicked men attempt to make Jesus’ blood unholy..
I told these scoffers to repent of this iniquity ,,God hates all workers of iniquity Psalms 5;5
This is a example of the last days and proof of the hate reprobates have for God manifested in the flesh
Jesus is God …..they have attempted to turned the love and grace of God into a lie…
I saw many people who stood in sadness looking at the terrible words they painted on that SUV..
is it loving Jesus driving around with “no 1 christian porn site in a SUV?