I am writing to say how much I HATE this website and its purpose. It would appear that you are not the men you are made out to be. It is Christ, the greatest man, whom we should emulate. Your behavior astounds me. Follow Jesus is what I say, do what he did. Jesus didn’t go around eating with sinners, or putting himself in a position to “help” prostitutes. Really, come on now, what is the greatest commandment…shouldn’t we seek to obey God? Your religious satire is entirely inappropriate; did Jesus employ such unholy hyperbole? Do you see how harmful that is, what if I were to tell you I would throw a log or a large stick at you, is that serious or just an exaggeration? Can’t tell, maybe we should consider the idea that God didn’t create us to think in such a manner. I am done setting you right, I would advise you to consider the life and testimony of Dwight Moody and what he might have to say about this TERRIBLE site.

Friend of the pasquinade, Nathan