Your position is not Biblical and thus not helpful to those of us who have struggled with same sex attraction.

The Bible NEVER divorces passion from procreation. This is a modern form of idolatry. Your position sets you up

for having NO Theological objection to gay sex, since you are operating in the realm of sex for pleasure. This is wholly

contrary to Scripture. You cannot just decide to allow sex for pleasure in marriage. We are fallen. You have this “best sex

of your life” mentality that will lead you down into the theologically absurd and incorrect world of all kinds of sex. You must

stand on the principles of Scripture. Nowhere in Scripture is fallen man allowed to enjoy sex. Read your Bible. Also, your 

cavalier treatment of “a friend who just went through a divorce” is offensive. The rules for divorced and remarried people in the Early Church were very strict indeed. Read St. Paul. The Early Church did not look kindly on remarriage. Remarried people were not allowed 

to receive Holy Communion. I would like for you guys to revisit the Bible and see that where you are is outside of its teaching

about fallen human nature and Concupiscence. I don’t mean to be a pain, but it is hard to bear with your duplicitous standard.

Thank you.