So is anyone witnessing to the porn producer? He has kids…but pollutes society with his films for their parents? Is this insanity? Secular or Christian …so many are into porn…why? They have no fear of God…none…they throw their marriages away because “I’m not Happy”………………..DUHHHHHHHHHH. Get over it grow up. NO ONE is happy until you’ve spent time in the Presence of God, then you are so caught up in His glory that worshipping for FIVE HOOURS Seems like 5 minutes! What this nation needs is the Holy Awesome Presence and fear of the Living God to fall on them in McDonald’s, at the supermarket, at the bank. When true believers walk by so full of the Spirit of God and his presence that like Charles Finney. People hit their knees asking God to forgive them…not because we have condemned them or because we have put a PSA in their face, but because we have BEEN WITH GOD! They will sense it. They will see it! They will feel his glory and presence. But the porn man just does the announcement and says lock up your videos? HA HA…that is utterly laughable…He says don?’ watch em kiddies…but your folks will…and hey their brains will be filled with such rot that they may even turn on you!

Let GOD save us from such foolishness and hypocrisy. Tell the porn man to give his life to Christ otherwise ANYTHING HE HAS TO SAY is going to be seen thru the lenses of do as I say and not as I do. THAT is the reason kids raised in church reject God and turn out like Marilyn Manson. HYPOCRISY!

How about fasting and praying and prayer walking and handing out tracts and telling all porn industry people about the love of Christ. THAT would be a ministry at the root of the problem. Dig up the root! You won’t HAVE to make the “lock up your porn” Commercials!

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come…Sincerely,
Part of the nameless, faceless ones. IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM!