Letter to myself:

I know that you’ve ask for forgiveness a thousand times. But 15 minutes latter your are looking for more porn. I was there when you talk with your leader at church looking for accountability but a week latter you just ignore her and answered her questions with a simple “everything is fine”.

This year has great things for you, but God cannot give you what He has for you until you decide to abandon your sin. It is impossible to serve Him and yourself at the same time. You have the potential to do awesome things for God; so, let’s do it. Forget about the short pleasures of lust and get drunk with God’s love for you. That’s true love! It’s not just about don’t having sex before marriage because purity begins on your heart.

Letter from my sex addict:

I have to admit it. I’m a porn addict. I’ve already looked for help, search scriptures, pray… but when temptation comes I’ve always keep my mouth close and let the flesh voice’s to talk higher. My commitment is simple, talk God’s Word in a loud voice, louder enough to forget about the lustful desires.

Also, I commit myself to being accountable. I’ve already talked with my youth leader and she offered all her help and support, but the problem has been consistency. Maybe the shame of go back to sin has kept me quiet, trying to hide what I allow myself to do,