Dear sex addict,

For at least eight years now you have been struggling with pornography. What started with a little curiosity has led to an addiction that has practically taken over your life. You find yourself going round and round the cycle of addiction with no sign of breaking free. Its time for a new approach and serious all out effort to be free from this addiction. You know how good it feels when you are not giving in to temptation and following God’s will for your life but for some reason that is not enough. The temporary pleasure that masturbating to porn brings overshadows the eternal joy that living for Christ brings. Do you realize how ridiculous that is! How can you be so foolish? Every time you masturbate you are hollowing out your soul and ruining your relationship with your Savior. Not to mention your girlfriend! You claim that you love this girl and can see yourself spending the rest of your life with her. Well imagine how devastated she would be if she found out about your problem. Is that what its going to take for you to quit? I hope not! Its time to WAKE UP and turn your life around. With God’s help you can do it. Put an end to this by:

1) Spending time in God’s word and in prayer every morning before you do anything else

2) Going to church every Sunday and taking notes so that you can reflect on the sermon throughout the week

3) If for some reason you cannot attend church, listen to a recorded sermon from your home church and take notes

4) Doing the xPure men’s workshop

5) Spending time in prayer every night before bed thanking God for his grace and mercy

6) Finding an accountability partner

7) Taking it one day at a time

You can do it!
I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)