Dear Sex Addict:

You have already shattered my confidence and my self-worth. I have tried fighting you for years and every time I feel I’m getting the upper had you are right there to knock me back down. You pretend to be a friend, but in actuality you’re just a false friend, a pretender who uses my weaknesses to further tear me down and look down on myself. You promise a way out, promise to be some type of relief from the hurt, but really all you do is let me down, feeling empty. You stand there pointing your finger, accusing me, judging me, laughing at me. You are full of lies and in you there is nothing beautiful or truthful. You are a destroyer of lives and I will no longer continue to stand in this filth. I am a beautiful and wonderful creation of an all powerful, perfect God. I am His child and he no longer let me be marred by your attacks. I will look to a perfect God, a perfect friend who will always be there for me and not let me down. He will never judge or accuse me. When you come knocking I can be confident that Jesus will be standing right there with me. When you hear my name you will hide and shudder because of the work of Jesus in my life and the power that I gain from Him living in me. I will be victorious because He is already victorious. You know that you have already lost and yet you continue to throw your darts at me to do as much damage and create as much turmoil as possible so that I will be useless in God’s plans for me to further His kingdom. But with Jesus in my life and living in me I will continue to press on in perseverance and I will stand in victory.