I know who you are. You are me. You are who I was for so long. That, however, is in the past. I know who you are, and you’re lies are not as strong now. They are weak, not me. I know now what it will take to stop this, to learn from the past and change my future. Now. Today. This ends. You end.I will no longer hide behind your lies. I will tell the truth, hard as that may be. I will no longer feed you. I will get up and walk away from the computer when I feel your hunger. I will no longer follow your lead and let you direct what choices I make. I will take control of my own destiny. I will no longer do this alone. I will get the help needed to beat you for good and all. I will succeed because I am strong, I am loved for who I am, and life does not have to be like this any more. I will learn from my past, from what you have done to me. Goodbye, forever.