Dear Sex Addict,
You’ve haunted me for way to long. You’ve lied to me about the rewards you offer. You try to convince me that I need sexual fulfilment. That I can’t live with out it. You convinced me that I deserve it – I have a right to it and therefore should take it for myself. You taught me to escape and you now taunt me to escape. I wouldn’t be in this position without you. You’ve ruined my view of women. You’ve made me critical. You’ve made me lustful. You’ve ruined how I relate to them. You’ve cause my wife so much pain. You’ve ruined my sex life. You’ve ruined my sleep. You’ve stolen so many hours from my life. You binge away time. You’ve hindered me in serving God. You’ve diminished spiritual gifts. You’ve stunted spiritual growth. You’ve hindered my relationship with God. You’ve smashed my confidence. You’ve filled me with shame and make me feel ashamed. You’ve invited me to be part of your dirty family. You make me want to hide. You make me lie to cover the truth. You’ve perverted my use of technology. You make it so I can’t trust myself on it. You’ve bound me in lustful desire for what is not mine to have. You paint a false picture of happiness. You offer me a perfect world, but never deliver. You steal the same world that you offer. You keep calling me back for more. You sneak back in – even when I close the door. You’ve ruled my life for far too long and ruined my life for too long. You’ve tried to define who I am. I hate you.
You have no right to me. You are part of my old self who I am putting to death in Christ. You are the old stained clothing I no longer wear. By Jesus blood I am washed clean of you. I command you to die and not raise your ugly head again. You’re not going to change your ways. You’ll just keep up your old tricks. You’ve got no authority in my life. You’ve got no mastery over my will. By Jesus I am set free from you. You are not my friend, you are my enemy for life and you will never change that. I will fight you until the grave.
You have been abolished from this land. Forbidden from returning. I will be watching closely to ensure you do not come back. I will destroy anything that resembles you. I will bring you to the foot of the cross continually and let Jesus deal with you. If you try a different tactic like stirring up pride – I will be on to you. Jesus gives the victory. Jesus takes the glory. I’m not better than you, but Jesus is and he is on my side of the battle lines.
Don’t bother writing to me. Don’t bother calling. Don’t try and keep in contact. Don’t come near me. I will ignore you. I will fight you. I’m not scared of you and I’m not defined by you. While you will try and convince me that you offer what I want – I know this is a lie: deep down what I want and need is found in Jesus. He is the way, the truth, my life. Jesus gives me purpose. Jesus gives me a certain future. Jesus fills me with joy, peace, love and hope. Jesus accepts me and loves me enough to give his life for me. Jesus offers me more and you can never compete – so don’t bother.
Thanks for nothing!
Finally Free.

P.S. Yes, I changed my name. God gave it to me. He adopted me into his family. I also changed my address. You won’t find me in the phone book and you won’t find me in the same places.