Man, you suck.
But ill give it yt you you’ve always been there. So much so that I find myself “at home” in you presence. Comforted by videoes and such. But this is unhealthy. The reason I watch is to get pleasure, but im never pleasured by you. Ill give it to you, I used to be that theat time has gone now. I dont feel anything when I watch you. The reason I watch so long is so I can find a good video to pleasure my self with. But this must stop. NOW. God has things planned for me and you make run from those plans. You make me hide with God calls for me to be bold. To flea when God calls me to action. That being when I can actually hear Him through the nagging thoughts you put in my mind..
If Im honest, I dont want to stop. Im terrified to stop. The thought that a couple days ago will be my last time indulging in you scares me to no end! What the crap will I do with you,?

What will I do without porn?
1.get a goodnights rest
2. GO out instead of staying in
3. Build relationship with people without fear of having to tell them I give to, my struggle, more than they could imagine
4.Live honeslty for God
5. Not ruin my future marriage or my children
6. He l p others

That sounds like a good life. One that I so desperately want and desire. I just wan to be happy and I cant do it with you. It doesnt matter if that website might have new videos, it doesnt bring new life, or happiness or anything worth going back.

1. reailize im not alone
2. Take advantage of those I know who struggle also and ask for help
3. Understand the God is always here ( this shiuld be number 1)

Change your focus
1. Read and meditiate daily
2. GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!