Letter to myself:

Dear Sex addict, you have done a great job in controlling my life and putting me in a box. it has been going on years of me giving in one minute and never doing it the next minute. I have missed out on so many things because of it. you made me believe that i would be relieved by acting out sexually, and after that i feel worthless.
1, it has brought a great fear on my life and everything i do.
2. I have never been in a serious relationship.
3. when i indulge in it, the rest of my day is unproductive. i’m not where am supposed to be in life because of you, this addiction keeps eating me over and over again.

let me share with you the real truth and reality of my like.
1, i’m a child of God with infinite worth
2, my eyes have been opened by God, and the last time i indulged in acting out sexually, i heard God’s voice telling me the right things to do and how to go on about it
3. I’ve a lot of people in my life that look up to me, and have so more respect for me.
4, My future is bright, as God’s child

Here is the things that will change in my life to today

1, I will take this recovery serious
2, i’ll pray and fast for strength from above to over come
3, i’ll find an accountability partner
4, when the craving comes, i’ll take it serious and make sure i don’t give in
5, i will step out my comfort zone and participate in different activities.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear courageous guy, i hope you know what you’re in and if you slip, i will be there waiting to take you back. there are some many things that i put on hold in you life

1, i’ll make sure you don’t get married
2, you will be lonely for the rest of you life
3, you will be in a box and a world of your own
3, you won’t be productive in your work. you will keep on procrastinating and loss everything you have accomplished
4, you will never belief that you can do anything
5, you will see many happy couples around you, but you will never have what they have
6, you won’t have time for important things in you life
7, you’ll always think small about yourself