Letter to myself:

Hey man,

you have ruled over me for about two years now. And you know what? You’re very powerful. And extremely sneaky. Who knew that one event could lead to another, and another, and another? I must say, it’s been quite the trip. All this time, I thought I could control you. But Lord knows you are in control. I wanted to tell you that I have not given up just yet. I am willing and able to do whatever it takes to beat you. I have a new strategy, and some new teammates now. I am not doing this on my own anymore. So get ready. Two years is long enough.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey, good luck bro.

You’re up for a challenge. This will be hard. But just like every other time, I will be graciously waiting for you to fall. But don’t worry, I will catch you! And then it’ll be back to normal.

Prove me wrong.