Letter to myself:

Worthless Awful Addiction,

You are many awful things but you are not me or a part of my God in heaven. you’re lies have put fourth a stumbling block in front of my brothers and sisters and me for too long. I feel sick again at the thought of adopting you’re false doctrine over sound truth that have been greatly proven to me to be true. these true and tried facts are not and have nothing to do with you or you’re kind. the truth is far from you that true love and Charity go a long way compared to your selflessness is the demise of any man. the things you make a man feel are disgusting and the things we do about it are vain. i have let you overcome in my past and that lead me down a rough road that no one should travel. i did things under you’re influence to quiet you and please you and made you grow all the more fiercer. you have completely affected my life but I am hear to tell you in every word, i know you hear and understand, that i live every today to live for my Lord Jesus Christ son of God. i believe that he died of a cross for all my sins and was risen victor over you and yours. Addiction, you failed, i am a child of god and he has saved and restored what you set out to destroy and steal. i will do anything to be restored to be in glory with God. but we have already one the victory through Jesus Christ.

sincerely, Cody

Letter from my sex addict:

you know i can give you want you want faster than you’re Jesus can. you don’t understand what i can do for you. you have always missed judged the things you do not know your pathetic with or without me i. i will never be far from you! when you feel sick i will be here to give you what you love. you cant live in these days like the men before you so just save your self all the trouble and come back to me and i will make you feel better. you know that you can get away with it at least one more time wont hurt. you have become strong enough to resist..ooo i mean sex you want sex dont you? and i know this excites you doesn’t it. i can feel you becoming aroused right now. you know i will realive that from. you know what to do1 DO IT!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! i said do it you will feel better and it will pass you…..