Letter to myself:

Mr! It time to stop. You’ve hold on to it for too long and if you not careful it going to ruin your marital life. You’ve lost the respect you have for women, for yourself and you don’t even know what you want in a lady any more. All ladies have become instrument of pleasure to satisfy you. Wake up man! The worst part, this filthy thing makes you feel distance from God, you find it hard to pray and spend quality time with Him. You need to let go right now, be ready to take up the challenge, pray more, try as much as possible to spend quality time with God and let Him take full control of your body and mind.

Letter from my sex addict:

Oh! See you! Hahahaha…..!! You really think you have a way out now… let me remind when this whole thing started, you remember 15 years ago, you close to been a teen then and someone showed you the way which you gladly accepted even though you don’t know the implication. Let us go back to 7years ago when you start trying to let go, you remember how much you fast and pray, but you end up coming back to me. No matter how much you think you are recovering, you will surely come back, it a matter of 3days! Hahahaha so keep it up and let’s see how long you can do without me. See you soon… hahahaha