Letter to myself:

I haven’t really set down to discuss the issues and path in life that you have taken. Your addiction became evident to the closest ones you love five years ago, and you started on the path towards sobriety. Yet, the chains of lust, greed, pornography, and envy you still hold you prisoner. You have tried solving this on your own for too long. This addiction wants you to live in isolation. If you continue living this way you will lose everything. It is time to understand your past, face your demons, and learn how to live free. God did not intend for you to live with this struggle and pain you face daily. I know you want to be sober, and in close relationship with God. It is time to be all in. It is time to step up, get serious, get honest, and get moving. God has plans for you, and He is waiting for you to accept His grace, mercy, and love. So…what will you do? How far are you willing to go to be not only sober but also free?

Letter from my sex addict:

How come five years ago I was able to stop drinking, drugging, and even smoking but I continue to battle with this sex addiction. I have been to counseling, groups, meetings, but I am still bound to these chains. I want to stay sober and follow God’s will for my life. I sometimes wonder if I have not dealt with my past in a way to heal me completely, or am I just scared? Am I scared of what sobriety might do to me? If I devote the energy I put in to my addiction to following God’s way, where will it take me? I want a healthy marriage. I want children who know I am true and pure. I want to live in a close relationship to Jesus. I’m tired of this game. I’m tired of the lies, and the constant struggle to not lust. I’m tired of being triggered every minute of the day. It’s time for this addiction to not be at the forefront of my life. It is time for me to release the control I think I have and surrender completely. Am I ready for what God has in store for me by taking the path of purity? No more shame, no more embarrassment. All in.