Letter to myself:

Dear addict,

Rebel, wyrm, dear broken child,,

To the addict I write: You who are bound to the machinations of lustful spirits are no more. You are dead. In as much as you are me you are no longer bound. In as much as you are bound you are no longer me. My life is characterized by the freedom that is mine in Christ and if I speak the language of being assigned to anything it is to Him whom I am obligated in every sense since by the precious blood of His veins I have been ransomed from the kind of death you very much want to lead me to. Neither you, nor the slave drivers that rule you, are my master any longer. I will not obey your deceptive suggestions towards a false and rotten life. I will become obsessively dependent on my God and a slave to righteousness that by His power and Spirit that works within me I can confidently say that you will be replaced with a new paradigm of what the good life is, of wholeness, and a new mode of existence characterizes precisely by the what is meant by new life in Christ.

To the rebel: Surrender. As I am clean by the words that Christ as spoken to me, you are dead by the word he has spoken to me. You are no more. As dead as I was in transgression before Christ, you are dead to me now. I have chosen to trust God and to build my life on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the form of teaching that has been given to us by the apostles.

To the wyrm, that element within me that resists God and opposes God and his work in my life: Like the devil you are, I rebuke you. I renounce you. You have no claim on me. I belong to Jesus Christ. He is for me, who can stand against me. Not even you . One little word shall fell you. And how you have fallen, and how defeated you lay smote upon the mountain of this world. You will be crushed under our feat. Do not think you can linger here, you are not welcome. I have decided to put on Christ, to be for God, against the devil and the kingdom of darkness. Though I was in darkness now I am light in the Lord. I cooperate with God, I am for his work in my life and in the world and I do his work by with my hands by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To the broken child within in: Come out of the cage, Daddy’s here, there is a safe place for you and I am not despising you anymore. I am sorry for the way I have exiled and banished you from drama of life and kept you hidden in back stage closets. You deserve to come out, you deserve to be celebrated, you deserve to be protected, you are welcome to be, to dance, to shine and glory in His glory. There is a place for you in His house and on this adventure. Let’s be together in this, let be one, and lets get healed in the Father’s love.

Habits to replace bad habits:

I will be proactive in my accountability relationships being alert and self-aware for cues that I might be moving into a time or space of temptation such as hunger, tiredness, loneliness, feelings of envy, feelings of abandonment, rejection or alienation. I will be quick to confess openly, come in the light, live in the light and repent. I will seek local accountability as quickly as possible, I will restore accountability with a spiritual advisor,I will seek an anamchara and cymbrogi to help me in this, I will seek a group of some kind where I can work through these issues whether local or digital. I will trust God to get me through this.

Letter from my sex addict:

Don’t you want me? Don’t you want my love? Don’t I make you feel good? Do you really want to get rid of me? Do you really think you can get rid of me that easily? I am you. I belong to you. I am your doing. This is what you want. Don’t try too hard. I’ll be waiting for you when you fail to nurse you back to feeling.