Letter to myself:

When you confess your sins God is faithful and Just to forgive you of your sins and will purify you from all your unrighteousness. Keep your eyes from lusting because your eyes are the window to your soul. Know that the Holy spirit lives in you and your body is a holy temple. The Lord is the only one who can bring peace that surpasses all understanding. The lies you tell your self is from the flesh and the enemy does not want you to move forward with God. I’m glad you took this first step. Now confess your sins and you will be healed. Even if you have to write it out. The Lord will see. Trust in Him.

Letter from my sex addict:

I am addicted to porn and I need help to be relieved from this. I watch pornography alone when my wife is around. I rush to evil when I get home from work. I tried hiding it from everyone and I can’t keep going like this. But my flesh loves it and wants to go further but my heart deceives me.to believe that. I fear there is no hope.