Letter to myself:

Hello friend. So how has it been going? I wanted to get real and ask you something.
What makes you happy? What is it that satisfies you through and through? Are you real and show others who you really are?

I think these are some good questions to ask oneself. On a daily basis or even when temptation rolls around. You see temptation I believe blinds us. It puts blinders on us and keeps us from seeing what is around us; who is around us.

When the temptations comes around to look at porn that temptation tells us that this will make you happy and satisfied. And it even goes as far as to tell you that this person who you are watching won’t reject you.

What are your feelings after you had your time with the porn? Is there satisfaction or regret?

If there is satisfaction and happiness I believe that this is wrong and goes against what Jesus and the Bible teaches us. If you are regretful, in a way this is good. This means that you recognize that this is wrong and Jesus is pulling at your heart strings.

I think Jesus is the one that really satisfies. He is the one that show you true happiness and satisfaction.

I understand that porn can be very enticing. But it is just for a moment of time. I hope you will take a moment and really consider these things. If you don’t know who Jesus is or if you do, take a moment and be real. Does porn last? I suppose it does last in a way; it can leave an imprint of images in your mind every time you look at a girl/guy. It can leave a reality of sex with you that is not real and satisfying.

All I ask of you my friend, my brother/sister is to be real. Jesus wants you more than that image or video does that your watching.

Letter from my sex addict:


Well, I suppose you’re disappointed in me, aren’t you? I did it again. I couldn’t do it.
I couldn’t make it through the week with out looking at some kind of porn. I mean, I don’t know why it is so difficult. I know it is not real. I know that I shouldn’t.

I consider my self a follower of Jesus and yet I still want to look at porn. I thought knowing Jesus would make all these desires to go away. I need help with this, really. Can you pray for me please.

I can’t follow two masters. I want to go where Jesus is, yet I listen to my flesh and disregard him all together sometimes. It hurts me, that I do this. Please continue to pray for me.