Letter to myself:

Listen up. Today is the day this comes to an end. No more lies, no more bs. Straight up truth. God loves me the way I am, and if people want to run from his love they can have this corrupt world. I want NOTHING to do with it anymore. I’m tired of hurting my family and my child. I’m tired of starving myself and feeling lonely all the time. I’m tired of trying to impress people and fit in. I don’t want you anymore in my life. God has my back in this and God will never lie to me. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. He will always be there for me no matter what. He will always protect me, and I will always look up to him. I will be honest to my family. I will go to church more, I will speak out more. I will love more and be patient more. I will NOT give up not give in, so don’t ask ever. Keep your lies and secrets far from me and my family. Keep your nasty habits away from my child. Do not come into my life and try to tell me how I should live. You lied to me you told this would feel amazing yet I’m never satisfied with it. I want my family back and my love and purity back to the way it always should’ve been.
Yours never again

Letter from my sex addict:

You think you can beat me well I have news. I’m in your life eve day I always will be. I’ll never stop and I will destroy you and your family until there’s nothing left. Your weak and I know I can beat you. I’ll turn your child into anything I want and I’ll do whatever I want when I want. I’ve heard all of this before, all of this talk about God and how great he is but you would be surprised at how many people run back to me because they miss me. I’ll tear you down piece by piece. I’ll destroy your marriage and your family until there’s nothing left. Your wife will find a different man seine stronger than you your daughter will try to fill her daddy needs with a young boy who doesn’t treat her right.