Dear SA,

This is the first time we’ve ever spoke. I try to ignore you or just stay out of your way. I’ll often give a short word of warning, often lacking in vigor and strength, but then quickly back down and let you do your thing. I’ll make a path for your entrance either through denial (“it’s not that big of a deal”) or hopelessness (“I’ve failed so much already, what’s the point of fighting”). However it shows itself, I just give up… I don’t stand. I don’t fight. I don’t pray… I just give up.

I know you don’t work alone. I know you rely on the lies and influences Evil throws at me. You just take advantage of the opportunity. You really aren’t the problem. You are just being used to destroy my life. You are a by-product, a tool. Like a mushroom is the visible sign of underlying fungus, you are the visible sign of underlying brokenness. The difference is in our roles in this battle: reactive versus proactive.

As Evil continues to tell me lies and heave on piles of guilt, shame, anger, and fear, you react to the vulnerable state in which I become, making it easy to access pornography and indulge in masturbation. Your job is made even easier when I don’t fight in my role. My role is one of being proactive: pursue Christ.

Although you are succeeding in your role and I am failing in mine, your source of strength is insignificant in comparison to mine. You rely on darkness. I rely on Light. You rely on death. I rely on Life. You rely on evil. I rely on Christ. It doesn’t matter how much you call on Evil to intervene on your behalf, all I have to do is call on the mere name of Christ, and Evil is no more. And that is what I’m prepared to do. At every trigger, at every temptation, at every moment of weakness, I will simply but emphatically cry out, “Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I need you now!”

I might fail at first. I might not believe what I’m asking is possible. I might not be as faithful as I need to be, but I’m a work in progress. Every victory gives strength to the next. With every scripture I read, with every prayer I say, with every sin I confess, my reliance and faithfulness in what God says He will do increases. And then you are no more. Just. Like. That. Everything you knew, every ounce of power you thought you had – extinguished. We aren’t talking about decreased or minimalized power. We are talking a complete and utter extinction of your power. Defeat is your future. Give up now.

You’ve been warned.