Letter to myself:

Hey you… You are destroying me, but I won’t let you do so… I’ve been doing what you want since I’m 15… but now I’m really done… I’m tired of you, tired of your shit, tired of failing… I wanna give it an end. I will be free from you because Greater is the one who’s with me. I just wanna tell you that your days are counted… You better run.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dont think I’ll let you to beat me… I want to destroy your spiritual life… I’ll put you so away from God that all you’ll feel is a cold in your heart. I’ll let you in misery, alone, crying and suffering. That’s how I wanna see you. Keep on being vulnerable and when you less expect, I’ll be controlling your mind and your body. You are my slave. And that’s how it will be if you keep feeding me. I love having fun with you… My little puppet. Mwa!