Letter to myself:

I remember when i was 14 years old and never laid eyes on pornography and here iam now now 10 years later and i can’t take my eyes off of it because of you. But, I’ve taken the initiative to realize your a big problem in my life and I’m reaching out for help,This time I’m leaving you behind me and through the power of the Holy Spirit we will break this spreading disease you have caused. You have caused me to hide things from my wife and it’s effecting my sex life. I have these unreal sexual expectations for my wife and it’s all because of you. My sexual fantasies are influenced by you. As I sit here and write this your tempting me to fall into the very thing I’m trying to break away from. It’s okay though because moving forward Every Chain will be broken starting with you! SINCERELY, Not Yours. P.S. This is the last time you will hear from me!

Letter from my sex addict:

You’re a joke. In your feeble mind you actually think me and you will be seperated! Ha! You’ve tried this before and have failed miserable every time. The truth is you love me too much to give me up. You love me more than your wife, your kid, and especially God. The truth is I’m really you’re God. Until we meet again, good luck with another failed attempt!